DoxyGen filter for MatLab code

Source code documentation with Doxygen isn't limited to C/C#/C++ or Java. Using the FILTERS feature a filter program can convert the programming language you are using into something like C and that would be used by DoxyGen.

The project documentation is part of the SourceForge project:

This filter has improved on the original mtoc to track classes and properties.


All types are stated as 'type'.

Classes in MatLab are treated as C++ classes

This works well. There is one exception and that is for methods defined in their own implementation file.

Standalone methods

There is a fiddly bit with member functions that are in the same directory as their containing class. You have to use some meta-commands to get these to work.

In the class file, Model.m, declare the extra functions, say convolve() in as a function.

% @fn type convolve(type obj, type arg1, type arg2, type functor)

Then in the convolve.m file before the function is defined:

% @fn type Model::convolve(type obj, type arg1, type arg2, type functor)
% The convolve function takes two arrays and a function pointer.
function result = convolve(obj, x, y, fn)
  result = fn(x, y);

Note: I haven't been very careful with the line-numbering. And in the class file Model.m, the use of the function definitions will throw the line-numbering out. So if you do use the line-numbering, put the dummy declarations at the end.


Property get and set functions are converted to functions by changing the dot to an underscore.

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